Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carole Bellacera's November 2011 Newsletter

I just returned from the South Carolina Writers Workshop last week. This year was even more fun than last year because my daughter, Leah—a brand new writer—joined me. What a treat to experience the conference through a first-timer’s eyes. Leah handled herself with aplomb, and I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed it was her first writer’s conference ever. I was so proud of her!

Check out this photo taken of us on the night before the awards dinner.!/photo.php?fbid=2403288595482&set=a.1163416079444.26106.1049116991&type=3&theater

At dinner, Leah and I were lucky enough to sit at a table with two New York agents, one on my right, and one on Leah’s left. I really enjoyed chatting with Mollie Glick who regaled me with what her life was like as an agent, and how tough it is when they get rejected—by editors and authors. (Specifically, when an author is courted by two agents, and they choose one over the other. I could only wish I could be in such a position; I can’t even imagine having two agents fighting over repping me.) At the buffet line, while trying to negotiate a salad plate and a dinner plate, I inadvertently dropped too much butter on my plate. Mollie took one look at my plate and said, “You’re way too skinny for that much butter. Can I have some?” Need I say how that made my night? And of course, I shared my butter with her. 

The weekend turned out to be a big success for both Leah and me. Three agents asked for Leah’s book proposal, and Mollie asked for mine. Fingers crossed.

But the best part of the weekend awaited me in Charleston—my boys, Luke and Zealand. What a thrill it was to see their little faces light up when they saw Grandma. (After all, it had been over a month!) I spent three days with them, and enjoyed every single second. Check out the videos I’ve posted on YouTube.

Oh, and you’ve got to see the birthday video I made for Luke. (He turns 3 on November 7th.)

Great news! I’ll be reissuing my first novel, BORDER CROSSINGS, in print at Amazon’s CreateSpace this month! I’m so excited to give this book new life. (The first is always super special.) I’ve created a book trailer for it. Check it out:

And if you’d like to read the first chapter, you can do so here:

Congratulations to Cheri Oggy from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, my October website contest winner. Be sure and enter this month’s contest to win a copy of one of my books and a piece of jewelry from Beautiful Evening Beads.

Have a great November and a Happy Thanksgiving! (I still can’t believe this year is winding down.)


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