Monday, August 19, 2013

In a New York Minute

You may have heard the song.  Don Henley’s “New York Minute” from his “The End of the Innocence” album.  It’s about how life can change suddenly, and in the case of this song, tragically.  Luckily, I’m not writing about that today.  Everything has changed for us in “a New York minute,” but it’s all good.
It all started on July 3rd.  Frank and I were sitting out on the screened porch, enjoying the hot summer night, and we started talking about his retirement.  We chatted about how it was a good time to buy our retirement home in Myrtle Beach because it was a buyer’s market down there.  He suggested that maybe I should go down there and scout out houses, and if I found the right one, we’d go ahead and buy it; then, when he was ready to retire, we’d already have a house. 
The next day as we drove to a winery for a 4th of July event, Frank brought up retirement again, and how much he’s disenchanted with his job.  “So, retire,” I said.  “Pick a date.”  So, he did.  April 26th, 2014. 
A week or so later, we saw an article in the Washington Post about the hot real estate market in the Washington DC area.  I was astounded to see that houses in our county sold within an average of 12 days on the market.  So, we called a realtor just to chat.  That was, I’m guessing, somewhere around July 20th.
Fast-forward to today.  We’ve received three offers on our house.  After signing with a realtor and packing up everything we absolutely could not live without, we had painters come in a couple of weeks ago and paint the entire interior.  Then we had the carpet replaced upstairs.  Last Tuesday a photographer came out to take pictures.  The listing became live on the MLS on Wednesday afternoon, and our first offer came on Thursday morning.  On Friday, we had five groups look at the house.  On Sunday, we had an Open House and over 20 groups came through.  Now, we have three offers, and have countered with one.  Waiting to hear now. 
I’m kind of in shock.  I can’t believe my days of living here in Manassas are running out.  I’m excited to move to Myrtle Beach, and especially excited to look at the 34 listings I’ve saved on  But I’m going to miss so much about this place—most of all, my church, my Bunco group and my karaoke group.  But I know that new adventures lie ahead and I can hardly wait to get started on them.  Now, if only Leah and her family can get back to Myrtle Beach, it will be absolutely perfect!
Oh, did I tell you?  INCENSE & PEPPERMINTS is finished and off with an agent.  Cross your fingers for me that she’ll fall in love with it.  J  Until we’re settled in Myrtle Beach, I’m suspending my monthly contest, but hang in there—it will be back soon!
Hope you all are having a great August!  J