Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is it Spring Yet???

Okay, so we moved to Myrtle Beach in November, hoping to escape the snow, ice and frigid temperatures of Northern Virginia.  I had a yard sale in August, and with a tear in my eye, I put out all my soft, cozy winter pajamas, my luxurious lamb-soft white robe, my prized Sherpa coat that I’d drooled over for months before finally buying it at Kohl’s.  All the beloved winter stuff that I just knew I wouldn’t need in sunny, sub-tropical Myrtle Beach.

Flash-forward to the end of November, two weeks after we moved into our beautiful new house.  I’d kept two pairs of ultra-soft, cozy-warm pajamas—my Paul Frank monkeys and my black zebra-prints.  Which I found myself wearing every night.  And the inevitable happened.  They both ended up in the wash at the same time.  So, out I go to Wal-Mart, where I bought some Betty Boop winter jammies.  (Just the fact that Wal-Mart was stocking winter pajamas in sunny Myrtle Beach should’ve been a clue.)  And a week later, a pair of purple softies with metallic silver snowflakes.  After that, some panda pjs.  Okay, so I’m a PJ addict.  But now I have about six pairs of winter pajamas…which I’m still wearing almost every night, and here it is the end of February. 

Bottom line?  It’s freaking cold down here in the tropics!  Okay, I can see all of you up in the northeast and Midwest, looking out your windows at mountain of snow hovering over your sidewalk…and right now, you’d like to have my soon-to-be 61-year-old neck between your clawed hands.  No!  You’ve got me wrong!  I’m not complaining!  Hell, I’ve been lucky enough to play tennis down here about twice a month since we moved.  But I was not prepared for the two ice storms we got the end of January, and then again, two weeks later.  I thought if such a thing would happen down south, it was a pure freak of nature that happened maybe once in a decade.  But twice in a two-week period?  So not what I was expecting. 

But we made it through, and the palm trees, which I thought for sure had been murdered by the ice, look like they’re going to survive.  Now, if we can get through three more weeks, I’ll start believing spring is really going to arrive.

And guess who has a birthday coming up?  Me! On March 11th, I’ll turn 61.  Man, the years are going by fast!  But I’m thankful I’m still super active and have a real zest for life.  I’ve really dived into life down here; I’ve made a bunch of great new friends, and I’m singing at assisted living homes, and I’m making jewelry and…what else?  Oh, yeah, writing a novel!  INCENSE & PEPPERMINTS should be out this summer, and I’m starting to work on a new novel titled HOWLING AT THE MOON set in the Charleston area. 

Oh, and one more thing.  I’m offering creativity workshops from my home starting next month.  If you’re in the Myrtle Beach area…or even if you’re not, and just want to come to Myrtle Beach, check out the information on my website.

And have a fantastic March!  Spring is just around the corner!!!