Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never, EVER, Apologize for Your Age!

Never, EVER, Apologize for Your Age!



On my way to Kentucky last week to visit my sister, Kathy, I pulled into the drive-through at McDonalds for a Caramel Frappe.  (Did you know a small has 450 calories?  I didn’t.  So, what did I do?  I ordered a medium. *g*)  As always, the wait was long.  As I inched toward the ordering station, I saw an elderly couple crossing the parking lot, each using walkers.  Even though the car in front of me had pulled up, I waited to let the couple pass in front of me.  As the woman walked past my open window, I smiled at her and said, “Good morning.”  She smiled back and said…


            “I’m so sorry I’m so slow.”


I ignored her apology and said something like what a beautiful autumn day it was.  By that time, the husband had reached my window. And what did he do?  He also apologized for being slow. 


            “No problem!” I said, giving him a smile.  But inside, my heart was aching.  Such a sweet elderly couple!  It just killed me they felt they had to apologize because their age had made them slow.  It’s so wrong!


Hey, we’re all going to be there someday.  (Some of us quicker than others.)  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel like I have to apologize to anybody because I’ve lived 70…80…90 years, and I’m just not as quick on my feet as I used to be.   (Yes, I know…my Velma is coming out.  Those of you who’ve read CHOCOLATE ON A STICK know what I’m talking about.  Can you imagine Velma ever apologizing for her age?)  You know, when I wrote CHOCOLATE ON A STICK, 73 (which is the age of Velma) seemed pretty old to me.  Guess what?  I’ll be turning 60 in March.  Seventy-three doesn’t sound all that old anymore.  Now, I wish I’d made Velma 83. 


So…let’s all take a vow.  I’ve lived <<fill in the blank>> decades, and those years have made me the person I am today—I refuse to apologize for the aging process that each and every one of us will experience if we live long enough.  Age may slow us down, but it’s nothing to apologize for. 


And remember…if you’re the impatient person waiting in the drive-through, frustrated because an elderly person is slow getting out of your path…you’ll be there one day yourself.  So, give them a break and say hello with a smile. 


Okay, on with the news!  Exciting news!  LILY OF THE SPRINGS and BORDER CROSSINGS are coming out in audio!  I don’t have release dates yet, but both books are in production.  The narrator of LILY, Angie Hickman, has a wonderful southern accent that reminds me of my mother, and I’m just thrilled to be working with her.  And the narrator of BORDER CROSSINGS, Maxine Lennon, is from Northern Ireland, so I know she’s going to do a great job!  I’ll let you know as soon as I know the release dates—and I’m hoping to get my other books produced as audio books as well.  Can you imagine CHOCOLATE ON A STICK as an audio book?  What fun for whoever narrates that! 


Speaking of CHOCOLATE, I’m so thrilled that it’s been reissued after being out of print for a couple of years.  The re-packaged book has photos of some of the characters.  I think when you see the difference between the identical twins, Geneva and Genovadine, you’re going to crack up!  If you haven’t seen the book trailer, check it out:



Bad news!  The two winners I contacted for my website contest for September never responded, so prizes are still available.  Go to and enter. 


By the way, I met many new fans at my book signings this month.  Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you’ll all enjoy the books you bought. 


Have a wonderful November…and Happy Early Thanksgiving!