Monday, May 5, 2014





Wow!!!  April!  What a month.  What a whirlwind of a month!  I’m not sure I know where to start.  All I know is it went by in a flash.  (As most months do when you turn 61.  Yes, had a birthday last month.) 

Actually, my exciting month started with news at the end of March that I got a part in a local theatre production called LOVE ON BROADWAY.  It wasn’t an acting part, since it was an all-music show, but I was pretty excited to get it since it was only the second audition I’ve ever been on.  (Beginner’s luck?)  As the title hints, the Broadway songs we sang were all about love.  I had four solos—“I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” from Carole King, the Musical, “Another Suitcase, Another Hall” from Evita and “Crazy” from Always, Patsy Cline.  In addition, I performed in three group songs.  We had five shows the week before Easter, and then five shows the week after Easter.  It was so much fun working with my cast mates and the crew, Garrett McCann (also the director), Callie Barfield, Juliann Clark, Charity Hillegass and Chandler McCune, Nick Roussey, Amber McCann and Vickie Carter.  What a great bunch of people.  As Garrett said to the audience each night before the show started, we do it because we love it.  And I loved every minute of it!  And speaking of my cast mates, two of them, Charity, 11, and Chandler, 13, are budding young stars.  Remember their names!  I think you’ll see them on American Idol or The X-Factor some day.  They performed “Phantom of the Opera” and blew the crowd away!  Here’s a video of the performance they did at the Carolina Opry before LOVE ON BROADWAY opened. 

 Next exciting thing—I got to spend over a week with my grandsons, Luke and Zealand. We met them in Pennsylvania at my sister-in-law’s house for Easter and had a wonderful time, and then they followed us home to Myrtle Beach for another four days.  They got to come to my Saturday afternoon matinee performance, and that was such a treat for me to look out into the audience and see my little sweeties.  Right before the final full-cast number, we all walked out on stage, and I heard my little Luke say, “That’s my grandma!”  And the audience burst out laughing.  So sweet!!! 

 Finally, the most exciting news!  My new novel, INCENSE & PEPPERMINTS, is now available for purchase!  Finally!!!!  It’s been four years since I began working on this book, and I have to say I’m very proud of the final result.  I was thrilled to get a beautiful blurb from best-selling author, Diane Chamberlain.

 "With intelligent and absorbing writing, Carole Bellacera places a courageous and inspiring young woman at the intense and dangerous center of the Vietnam War. Bellacera's account of the seventies is heartfelt and real, yet her moving story of love, loss and healing is timeless." 

--Diane Chamberlain, best-selling author of Necessary Lies


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I hope all of you have a wonderful May.  (Isn’t it great to have sunshine and warm weather back?)



Carole Bellacera