Monday, March 19, 2012

Carole Bellacera's March 2012 Newsletter

Carole Bellacera’s March 2012 Newsletter

Are you serious? It’s March again already??? Man, March comes around faster every year. You know what March means to me? Not the appearance of the first crocus, (which, by the way, appeared here in Virginia in February) not St. Patrick’s Day…no, for me, March means…another birthday!!! (When did birthdays change from something to celebrate to…oh, shit, I’m another year older?) I will be starting my last year of my 50th decade. Now, that’s a horrifying thought! I still clearly remember my 30th birthday and how traumatic that was. It seems impossible that was 29 years ago. Needless to say, I’m not all that excited about another birthday, but what can you do? Like death and taxes, they come whether you want them to or not.

But one good thing about March…no, two goods things—1) We’re visiting Leah, Zac and our grandsons in Destin, Florida for a week. In fact, we’ll be there on my birthday, March 11th…so if I have to have a birthday, at least I get to spend it with Luke and ZZ. And 2) My new novel, LILY OF THE SPRINGS, will be out in print and e-book. You can read the prologue right now at this link:

And here’s the link to the book trailer:

So…I guess March is going to be a good month, after all. And I forgot all about how much fun I’m having rehearsing for the big American Legion show at the end of the month. Who knew it would be so much fun playing Marilyn, Karen Carpenter and Nancy Sinatra? Yes, the costume changes are a little stressful, but I’m honored to be asked to play three very different stars. Here’s a link to a photo of me as Marilyn. (Okay…what Marilyn might’ve looked like if she’d lived to 50-something.) !/photo.php?fbid=3065058899326&set=a.1552516086701.77089.1049116991&type=1&theater

Thanks to all of you who entered my Valentine’s Day Blog Hop contest. The three winners were: Mary Hay from Nashville, MI, Anne Muller from Evanston, IL and Gail Hurt from Junction City, KY. And a special congratulations goes to Mary Hay who was one of the two big winners at the Book Lovin’ Babes website—she won a diamond pendant for entering my contest. And congratulations, also, Sara Wilson from Hampton, VA, the winner of my March website contest. She chose a copy of TANGO’S EDGE and also received one of my jewelry pieces from Beautiful Evening Beads. Be sure and stop by my website this month to enter my contest. You might be my next winner!

I hope all of you have a wonderful March!



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