Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carole Bellacera's February 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

Since when did glasses cost $600? That’s what my total was when I went in for my annual exam last week. I almost fainted. Yes, insurance paid for 50%, but still…over $300 for a pair of glasses? And it’s not like I got Prada or Gucci frames. No, I got Sigred Olsen. Does anyone have a clue who Sigred Olsen is? I don’t. (I wanted the Tommy Bahama frames, but the optician told me they looked like “grandma glasses.” And they were about ten dollars more than the Sigrid Olsens, so I guess that’s a good thing.)

Anyway, got my fancy new frames on Friday. You know how they put your old glasses in your new holder? Well, I got home, opened the new holder, took out my old glasses—and guess what? They look almost exactly like the new $600 Sigrid Olsens! Even the same color—copper. (I’ve been in a copper/bronze phase for the last couple of years.) So, now I feel like a real idiot, spending that much money for frames that look just like my old ones. But yes, my prescription did change a bit, so I am seeing a little better. So I guess some good has come out of this ridiculous expense. Let’s see…what else could I have done with $300? A nice spa treatment? A couple of highlighting sessions at the hairdresser? Pedis & manis for six months? A nice Coach purse? I could go on and on. Let it go, Carole. Let it go.

Well, I have to say that so far, the theme of 2012 is change. Got a phone call from my daughter a couple of weeks ago as I was driving home from the gym. Little did I know that it would ruin my day…my week…my month. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little. The news didn’t ruin my month—because I decided not to let it. She and her family are moving again—to Destin, Florida. 15 hours away rather than the comfortable nine hours it is now. Frank and I had been planning to move to Charleston so we could live close to them, and now, of course, that’s not going to happen. So, I guess we’ll just stay here in Northern Virginia until Frank is ready to retire, and then decide where we’re going. But there is a silver lining to their move. We had already planned a winter vacation in Destin for March, so now, we’ll be spending it with Leah, Zac and the boys.

I also have some exciting news! You know how I love singing karaoke, right? Well, I was approached by a woman one night after singing a Karen Carpenter song, and turns out she’s the director of this big extravaganza “Christmas in March” show at our local American Legion, a fundraiser for disable veterans. And she asked me to impersonate Karen, singing “Merry Christmas, Darling.” I signed on, and since then, she has added two more roles for me to play in this show—Nancy Sinatra singing “These Boots are Made for Walking” and get this…Marilyn Monroe singing “Santa Baby” with Eartha Kitt. Wow! Impersonating Marilyn Monroe was on my bucket list. I dressed up as her yesterday for rehearsal, and it was a heady experience. (It’s true blondes have more fun!) As soon as I get some pictures from rehearsal, I’ll post them.
As I told you last month, I’ve repackaged my first novel, BORDER CROSSINGS, and re-released it. If you haven’t seen the book trailer, check it out:


The book is available at Amazon in print or on Kindle.


Congratulations to Patricia Cochran of Houston, TX, the winner of my January website contest. Please stop by and enter this month’s contest. www.carolebellacera.com

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